Introducing Lene Bjerre – Inspiring Danish Design with a Beachy Boho Vibe

Danish design with a beachy boho vibe

Danish design with a beachy boho vibe

Happy New Year peeps. I’m diving straight into 2017 with some interiors shopping news, some trend predictions and lots of inspiration for updating our homes in the year ahead. To say I have a few weeks worth of stories lined up for you would be an understatement. There is so much to look forward to on the home decor front this year, and I’m more than excited to get started. So, first up, I’d like to introduce you to Lene Bjerre, a Danish design website that has my heart beating faster than it really should.

Danish design with a beachy boho vibe

I’m often asked what big trends are coming up and I’m always happy to oblige with my personal predictions. The truth is however, that design trends are becoming increasing blurred. Pinterest has a lot to do with this. Following pinners from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe means that we are exposed more and more to inspiration from different cultures, different continents and all kinds of trends. It’s a great big melting pot of Scandinavian cool, tropical vibes, historical notes, South American colours, Texan textures, and the list goes on…..  This can result in homes full of personality but it can also be confusing. So to find a company that have taken their cues from different cultures and successfully blended them for us, is very exciting.

Danish design with a beachy boho vibe

Lene Bjerre have merged handicrafts with design, and trends with tradition. They believe in letting nature into the home and creating rooms to live in. Rooms that reflect personalities. They travel the world for inspiration, finding objects used by people, in culture, in nature, and they then mix these objects with a classic Scandinavian feel. And because they are situated in the Northern part of Denmark (where the light is spectacular), in the midst of nature and with the sea close by, this is also reflected in their aesthetic.

Danish design with a beachy boho vibe

I’m already a big fan of Scandinavian design and I love the way they have mixed in natural materials, bohemian accents, and even sequins and yet kept it all cohesive with a very muted colour palette.

Lene Bjerre is available in the UK via Houseology.

BTW, I make no apologies for the beachy vibe of this post. Yes, it may be winter outside, but I’m off on holiday soon and I’m getting in the mood. Yayy.




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    February 8, 2017

    Such beautiful home furnishing pieces! Lots of inspiration to be derived from here! All the neutral/ earthy tones combined with simple and geometric shapes, enables this collection to be timeless and elegant. It’s always exciting recreating a space, and choosing how you’ll design it from wall colour to furniture and everything in between.

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      February 9, 2017

      Couldn’t agree more Jane. 🙂


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