Introducing Design Project by John Lewis

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Design Project is a new contemporary collection of furniture, lighting and homewares from John Lewis that will be launching this September.

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N021 throw in berry, £120. N002 sofa, £999. N004 display unit, £699.

Philippa Prinsloo and her team in the design studio, have spent the last two years establishing a design philosophy to re-imagine familiar home staples, from candle holders to sideboards, armchairs to vases, in direct response to ongoing customer demand for meaningful, enduring and beautifully designed pieces for the home.

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No. 004 Highboard in Oak, £799

The collection of 250 products have each been given a number instead of a name, exactly as it would in the studio of any designer, and craftsmanship and provenance are also evident, with age-old techniques such as glass blowing and Japanese weaving presented as original new designs. One of the collection’s hero pieces, a striking smoked glass table lamp, has the honour of being Nº001.

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No031 floor lamp, £250. No002 snuggler armchair, £1799.

Each product has also been designed to stand as a piece in its own right and as well as in harmony with other lines from the collection. The colour palette is stylish and elegant, and this has also been achieved through the considered choice of materials, including natural wood, glass and concrete.

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Available online and in-store from September 2016.



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