Interview With Jo McEwan, Founder of Textured Lives

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Jo McEwan has been designing wallpaper, fabrics and bedding collections for over 30 years. Just 10 years after graduating from the Glasgow School of Art she became the Design Director for the largest leading curtain manufacturer and retailer in the UK. And this wealth of experience has now formed the foundation for Textured Lives, which is a collection of carefully curated objects and textiles that evoke emotion and engage the senses. The minute I laid eyes on the beautiful images Jo had created for her website, I was eager to find out more…

Interview With Jo McEwan, Founder of Textured Lives

You have had an impressive career – what made you decide to create your own company?

I wanted to create a lifestyle experience that brought together beautiful homeware products and my own range of personally designed fabrics and textiles. My dream is to empower my customers to curate their own beautiful spaces with the reassurance that whatever they choose has been personally and consciously selected or designed. I wanted textiles to be so much more than just an “off the shelf” solution. My vision is to help customers easily achieve a stylish yet comfortable personal space by empowering them to have the confidence to build on their existing canvas, or to be bold and create a completely new look.

Interview With Jo McEwan, Founder of Textured Lives

Printed Fabric Curtains, £180.00 – £450.00.

So Textured Lives is really based on your own personal tastes and style? 

Kind of. I really wanted to focus on my own look and feel and only produce things that I would love to have in my own home. It’s been a lifelong ambition, so it was a case of now or never. It isn’t just about the designing of the product either. I really felt that consumers want and deserve more individuality than most retail home stores offer.

Interview With Jo McEwan, Founder of Textured Lives

Cushion Collection, £25.00 – £35.00.

Where did the name Textured Lives come from?

The name Textured Lives is about us all having a textured life. We have all had, and are living our own journey. We have all been through challenges personally and professionally. I hope it’s a brand name that says straight away that there is history behind the brand and it hasn’t just happened. Ultimately, I wanted to create a lifestyle brand that makes it easier to style your home and make it your personal sanctuary.

Interview With Jo McEwan, Founder of Textured Lives

Moss Candle, £20.

How do you feel about the latest interiors trends?

My aim is to inspire our customers to be their own creative designers, and show that you don’t need to follow trends from the high-street to create a relaxing and balanced look. I really want to give homeowners the confidence that its okay to develop their own style. It’s okay to work with what they already have. And to feel confident adding new things. We need to get away from fast trends in the home. We all have a responsibility for reducing our personal consumption and thinking about sustainability in everything we buy.

Interview With Jo McEwan, Founder of Textured Lives

Fern Duvet Set In Taupe – £70.00 – £90.00.

Can you tell my readers a bit more about your products/collections specifically?

I’ve designed a full range of home products that can work on their own, or that can easily be put together with items that you already have. It’s always been about adding texture for me, with soft organic colour palettes and natural imagery. The collections include textured fabrics and rugs, organic cotton bedding, soft cashmere throws, and hard products that are organic in colour or material.

Interview With Jo McEwan, Founder of Textured Lives

Crockery & Bwari Round Marble Board.

Where do you find inspiration when creating new collections?

In nature. I spend all of my spare time outside. Walking, running, gardening, or even doing yoga on the lawn (when the weather is better). I think the term is biophilic but sub consciously I have always designed to bring the outside in. It makes me feel better. Either by touch, or look, or colour. That it is the greatest inspiration to me. I do it without realising.

Interview With Jo McEwan, Founder of Textured Lives

Moss Candle, £20.

What do you do to switch off and relax?

Outside of work, I keep myself on the right side of relaxed by walking in the lovely local woodland with my gorgeous Whippet, Hendricks. Or by taking a Hot Yoga class. And most weekends are spent cooking for a house full of friends and family – it really is food for the soul!

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