Interior Trends For 2022 – Industrial Kitchens

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My second prediction for popular interior trends in 2022 is the Industrial Inspired aesthetic. Again, it’s not a new trend, but it has such longevity and timelessness that it will go on and on. It’s a look that you can adopt no matter whether you prefer traditional or contemporary styles. And once again, it’s a look that you can achieve with re-cycled materials, so it’s sustainable credentials are sound.

Interior Trends For 2022 - Industrial Kitchen


Image from my Industrial Kitchen board on Pinterest (link).

What is and Industrial Inspired Interior?

The Industrial aesthetic is inspired by large warehouses and factories, often featuring large open plan spaces. But you don’t have to live in an old industrial building to adopt the style. The main components of which are stripped back architectural details including the use of bare bricks, metals, and wood, as well as salvaged and recycled materials. Industrial style furnishings are usually hardwearing and often obtained from reclaimation yards. It also gives so much scope for creating an interior that is unique and individual.

An Industrial Kitchen?

It’s a perfect look for a kitchen. Adding patina, warmth and personality in a room that in modern homes is often cold and clinical. My own kitchen that I have inherited, is in the newer part of the house and is quite traditional. In an endeavour to marry the old cottage with the new extension I’ll be adding touches of industrial rather than starting from scratch with a brand new room. Once the cabinets are painted I’ll be adding handles and knobs from Plank Hardwarewall tiles that look industrial (perhaps second hand?), and metal accessories. It already has the old external wall of the cottage in it, so maybe I’ll be taking that down to brick. 

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