Interior Trends For 2022 – Cottagecore Bathrooms

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As a new year approaches anyone with an interest in their home will be looking at the interior trends forecasts for the the coming year. Since I’ve only recently purchased a new (actually rather old) house my personal preferences are natually leading my own predictions. However, they are still influenced by new and growing trends in the industry. Cottagecore has been popular for a while and I predict will be even more popular in 2022. It’s also a look that can help those of us who are trying to live a more sustainable life, as second-hand and repurposed items are key to the achieving the lived-in and cosy feel of a Cottagecore interior. 

Interior Trends For 2022 - Cottagecore Bathrooms

Image from my Cottagecore Bathroom board on Pinterest (link).

What is Cottagecore?

The Cottagecore aesthetic encapsulates the romantic cottage in the country with roses around the door, floral curtains hanging at the windows, home cooking, hand crafted items, vintage furniture and simple decoration. It’s more than an interior trend. It’s a movement away from technology and back to a simpler, slower way of living. No wonder it’s so popular with all that’s going on in the world! As with all trends you can go all-out and embrace it fully, or you can cherry-pick. Florals may not be your choice of window dressing but you can still adopt a Cottagecore aesthetic with stone floors, aged wood and neutral colours.

A Cottagecore Bathroom?

Since a part of my new home is a 200 year old cottage, I’m keen to introduce some vintage into the bathrooms. Slowly of course. I’d be ignoring all of the principles of Cottagecore if I ripped out a perfectly good bathroom to start anew. Changing the handles on the cabinets is a good start. The cup handles from Plank Hardware are perfect. The shape is pure retro, while the finish is a bit more shiny and new. Wood panelling could soon be an option – to cover up the more modern tiles I’ve inherited, and a lovely wallpaper to really bring the cottage theme into the room. The addition of an old stool, aged floor tiles and some simple prints will finish it all off.

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