Inspiration – Schoolroom Chic…

Just because we all rely on our computers for everything these days, doesn’t mean we can’t still yearn for a workspace that brings with it a certain nostalgia for a simpler life. 

Even if we’re too young to remember ink and quills the sight of them can  still evoke a feeling of romance and history…a wire basket?…a pennyless writer toiling in a Parisian garrett…brown paper packages tied up with string?…the Sound of Music of course…wooden pigeon holes?…a village post office…I could go on…


Rejoice in your fantasies!

Sources from top left: Wooden wall unit, Cox and Cox. Hogwarts writing quill, Harrods. Notice board, Ikea. Desk calendar, Pedlars. Globe, Pedlars. Wire basket, Cox and Cox. Desk, Oka Direct. Wire mailbox, Cox and Cox. Image of books, Perfect Wedding Guide. Pencil, Office Depot. Anglepoise lamp, John Lewis.

February 3, 2012



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