Inexpensive January Jobs That Will Brighten Up Your Home

January is a difficult month. The holidays are over and Spring is months away. Any decorating plans have probably been put on hold until the weather improves, and the house feels plain and boring now that the decorations are back in their box. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything you can do to add a bit of an uplift to a dull and grey period. Just the smallest of changes can make a difference to how you feel. And it doesn’t need to cost the earth either.

Inexpensive January Jobs That Will Brighten Up Your Home

Pantry Kitchen Table In Earthy Red, Loaf.

Paint Some Furniture

There’s no quicker way to breathe new life into a decorating scheme than to get out the paintbrushes. You may not feel in the mood yet for completely transforming a room, but a lick of paint on some old and tired furniture can work wonders. Chalk paint is so easy to use. There’s no preparation needed and you can cover wood quickly no matter its condition. The image above is new furniture but you can see how the lovely pinky-salmon colour just lifts the room and sings out.

Inexpensive January Jobs That Will Brighten Up Your Home

In this hallway there is Dotty Red Vinyl on the floor and a combination of Delight China Blue, Dotty Charcoal, and Delight Charcoal on the stair risers. All from Lifestyle Floors.

Add Some Pattern

Adding pattern is easy. It may be just a new cushion that’s needed, but if you’re in the mood for something much more transformative how about adding some zing to your stairs. The staircase above has been given a new lease of life with vinyl flooring offcuts but you could also use stencils or wallpaper. You may even have some unused samples in the cupboard making this project even less expensive. The only limit is your imagination.

Inexpensive January Jobs That Will Brighten Up Your Home

Image Credit: (affiliate link) Lights 4 Fun.

Keep Some Candles and Fairylights Out

Hopefully not all of your fairylights have gone back into the decorations box. I’ve written before about how to use fairylights all year round, and they are my go-to tip for brightening up a dull corner or highlighting a collection. I have them permanently draped around mirrors and find they give a very welcome subtle light at this time of year when daylight hours are so short. Ditto candles. I start lighting them in the afternoon just to make the room I’m in feel cosy. And of course scented candles also boost the mood with my favourite scents.

Inexpensive January Jobs That Will Brighten Up Your Home

Acrylic Muscari Bulb in Glass Jar, The Contemporary Home.

Plant Up Some Early Spring Bulbs

Early spring bulbs are just starting to appear in the shops and are very reasonably priced if you avoid the ones in fancy pots. It’s much nicer to plant them up at home into your own recepticles to match your schemes. Narcissi and Snow Drops look best en-masse in a shallow wide pot, and hyacinths can be just put in a jar with only their roots in water. What could be simpler?

Inexpensive January Jobs That Will Brighten Up Your Home

Image Credit: Furniture Choice.

Make a Plan

If all of the above are just way beyond your energy levels right now, there’s no excuse for not making future plans. Start putting together a decorating scheme that you can put into action later. Get some wallpaper or fabric samples, start browsing through magazines for inspiration, and visit one or two of your favourite interiors shops. Once you start on the moodboard, I’ll guarantee you can’t wait to get started.


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