Imagine The Perfect Indoor, Outdoor Lifestyle

Imagine opening smooth gliding bi-fold doors and walking out into the garden on a warm sunny day. It’s what we all dream of isn’t it? I know I do. I’d love an extended living space that includes a kitchen, dining and sitting area inside, and the same again outside. It’s an ideal that’s not only great for family life but really comes into its own when entertaining.


You only have to watch a few home improvement programmes (I know, I know, my guilty pleasure) to know that how we use our homes is changing. We no longer want to have separate rooms for different uses. We have no use anymore for a formal dining room or a ‘posh’ living room. The ideal now is to have open plan living where everyone can be in the same space doing their own things. Incorporating the garden into this set-up is just taking it one step further.


Bi-fold doors have helped to make this a reality for a lot of people – smooth gliding and easy to push aside and bring the garden indoors – but it’s the flooring that really makes this work from design point of view.


Extending the same flooring out into the garden with no change of levels blurs the boundaries, is practical from a safety point of view, and looks absolutely stunning. And for me it would have to be in natural stone. Smooth, cool underfoot and no nasty splinters. Natural stone also makes a better transition out into the garden and will age wonderfully.


Now just imagine, friends round for a summer lunch. The table laid on the patio, kids playing in the garden, drinks at the kitchen island and a cool breeze wafting through.


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Photographs courtesy of Rick King and Affleck Services.



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