Ilse Crawford at Ikea

Doesn’t Ikea just get better and better? I was very excited when I heard about the collaboration with Ilse Crawford and even more excited when I saw the images for myself. The SINNERLIG collection consists of more than 30 pieces for the home and can be loosely categorised into three groups: working, dining and lounging.

The Ilse Crawford Collection at Ikea (3)

“Ilse Crawford is not the typical product designer. She sees the bigger picture. And her ideas always go beyond the actual product as such. The room context, the human value, how a product relates to the user and affects our human primal needs, is always the reason why her design looks like it does.” Marcus Engman, Design Manager, Ikea.

The Ilse Crawford Collection at Ikea (2)

I actually really do love every single thing about it. It’s very organic. All of these natural materials of course look amazing in this setting, with lots of green plants and the outside very much in, but they have been designed to fit into all of our lives. They are modern, but the textures would sit happily in any setting. And not only do they look good. They are also lovely to touch and use. There is a pleasing attention to detail too.

The Ilse Crawford Collection at Ikea (6)

Ilse says about the collection that took 3 years to come to fruition ‘Early on, Marcus and I became excited by the idea of upgrading natural materials. We were looking at materials, visiting cork forests, bamboo plantations, and looking at grasses and “weeds” such as water hyacinth. From a sustainability point of view, these materials have a lot of possibilities. Design can make them appealing by applying intelligence to the way they are used and making them more expressive. It’s why using cork for the table in this collection makes sense – cork feels good and a table is something you are going to touch!’

The Ilse Crawford Collection at Ikea (5)

And all of this at Ikea prices. Amazing!

The Ilse Crawford Collection at Ikea (1)

The only down side that I can see is that these products are not going to be around for ever. Items are only available while stocks last. You have been warned!




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