I Spy – Zoe Darlington Lamps……….

Utterly darling.

vintage,lampshades,zoe darlington,

Zoe Darlington sources beautiful old lamp bases and shades and rejuvenates them into striking new lamps with just the right touch of vintage glamour and wit.

vintage,lampshades,zoe darlington,

“I love the fact that these lamps have lived a life before I find them. Each piece has its own story and a completely unique identity”.

vintage,lampshades,zoe darlington

Zoe seems to have the knack of finding the perfect vintage shade to complement the base, she then strips it back to reveal its elegant frame and chooses a new selection of quality fabrics and trims that bring just the right touch of mischievous humour.

vintage,lampshades,zoe darlington

I maintain the integrity of every lamp by using trusted techniques that have remained unchanged for generations“.

vintage,lampshades,zoe darlington

Contemporary, quintessentially British and above all, beautiful.

I love them. 



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    Debra Finn

    November 25, 2011

    Love the red floral one with blue trim Carole. A good find. x


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