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I’m always on the hunt for unusual wallcoverings, especially now when I have a year of magnolia walls ahead of me (a small price to pay for a new-build house I guess). So, I was really excited to discover Trove wallpaper. Not that I know anything about them (other than that they are based in the US) as the website doesn’t give much away. Anyone more enlightened want to let me in on their secrets?

Trove wallpaper - august

Above is my favourite. It’s called August and it comes in five colourways including black and white but I’m quite bewitched by this one. Paired perfectly of course with toning shades of velvet and silk. I’d love this for the bedroom or dressing room. On second thoughts maybe just the dressing room. Those ghostly ladies staring at you all night could be the stuff of nightmares!

Trove wallpaper - nyx

I’m so bored with pattern repeat wallpapers and have been looking at murals but nyx above is the best of both worlds. It would look great as a feature wall without that in-yer-face effect. It really would be just a background suggestion. Tranquil and peaceful but giving personality and gravitas to a room. I think it should be seen from afar however to fully appreciate its beauty. End of a corridor perhaps?

Trove wallpaper - auva

Auva is as beautiful up close as it is far away. A contemporary take on a wallpaper border if you like. I think this will appeal to wallpaper lovers as well as those who like a plain white wall. I just want it for my living room. It can flow uninterrupted around the room hovering just above furniture.

Please let there be a UK stockist!

January 16, 2014



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    Deborah Carroll

    October 28, 2014

    I also love the Trove Vertere wallpaper and I can’t find out how to buy it 🙁 !!!!!

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      October 28, 2014

      Hopefully a UK stockist will start selling them soon Deborah 🙂

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    Kimberly Hughes

    February 6, 2014

    Oh I do love Trove!! They have the most amazing patterns (and like you said, not really patterns as SUCH, more landscapes of gorgeousness). I actually showed them on my blog a couple years ago and had forgotten about them until I saw your post. The new stuff is just divine. Yes, they REALLY need to make the leap over the pond!! xxx

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    January 14, 2014

    I love wall paper too. My favorite is the last one!!
    Have a nice day 🙂


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