I Spy, Tradescant & Son Fabrics

A little treat for fellow interior designers today. These fabulous prints from Tradescant & Son.

From the site – “Our collection of printed linen is inspired by cabinets of curiosity and the natural world, and in particular by John Tradescant, the 17th century gardener and collector, whose collection formed the beginning of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford today.”

Tradescant & Son Ibis close-up 2 small


The designs are available on a 90% linen/10% nylon base cloth in either oyster, natural oatmeal or flax and the collection was created by the girls at Natural History. They felt working for the retail market, although very satisfying, meant they were constrained by commercial considerations rather than being able to design simply for the love of it and this collection gave them the freedom to do just that.

Tradescant & Son Cymepaye Toile de Jouy Rose 2

Cymepaye Toile-de-Jouy

Tradescant & Son Hummingbird Stripe

Hummingbird Stripe

Tradescant & Son Winter's Bone Ink

Winter’s Bone

The word Tradescant is pronounced in several different ways, as it is a very old name, but generally it’s correct to say trad-ESS-cant.

The fabrics are trade only, so price is on application, with agents in Oxford, the US, Australia and Moscow.



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    April 25, 2014

    Thank you for this!

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      April 25, 2014

      You are welcome Sarah 🙂


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