I Spy – Sara Newman

It always makes me happy when I hear of talented people who turn their hobbies and their passions into successful ventures.  Isn’t it what we all dream of?


Sara Newman is one such person.  She started off making inventive presents for friends and family using recycled trinkets and it has grown into a creative business.  In fact, several collections have evolved under Sara Newman Design.   The main ones being her upcycled glassware and handcrafted cards but she cannot resist making intricate and playful box frame collages along the way as well.


“I like my pictures and designs to mix the material world and ‘immaterial’ or imaginary world. Body art, the artwork and stories in graphic novels inspire me. Model villages fascinate me, colours are enchanting.”


Sara’s upcycled glassware collection is called Glassware Rejuvenated.   “The aim is to turn plain, unwanted glassware into works of art that people can use, treasure and collect.”  Sara’s designs are sandblasted by hand, to a high standard, onto interesting and good quality pieces that she has ferreted away. “I see it as breathing new life into the glassware.”  The the collection is available to buy or you can commission Sara to facelift something you already own or commission a new piece.
To complement the Glassware Rejuvenated collection Sara has designed a range of cards that are handcrafted using rubber stamps and applied decorative papers.  “With designs that are inspired by nature and animals I add a shot of colour through the papers. I mainly use Japanese Chiyogami paper as I find the colours and patterns so appealing.” 
May 30, 2013


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    Sue Aitken at Boutique Provencale

    June 4, 2013

    What pretty items these are. Just love the glasses and the vase – very intricate.


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