I Spy – Reiko Kaneko…

Absolutely loving the new products from Reiko Kanebo.

Rather than roll out another new collection, Kanebo has returned to some of her most successful collections and produced new additional pieces for them.  Rather like updating your wardrobe each season with a few additional items that work with the old, you can now add to your tableware.  Cool, I say.

The Arctic Jug is new and is rather lovely.  It has no handle and a simple spout that resembles an origami fold.

The Petal Collection now has the addition of the Petal Bowl (above).  I love how they can be used alone or in various configurations.

And I would also like to try sipping champagne from this beautiful flute!

Don’t you just love them?


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    kat @ dot dot dash

    March 1, 2012

    Those jugs are so lovely!
    – kat


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