I Spy – Margo Selby……….

Margo Selby is a designer with a very distinctive style.

Her fabrics, wall coverings, rugs, and soft furnishings are colourful without being brash.  Luxurious without being too opulent. 

Indeed, the beautiful colour combinations have a rich subtlety which makes them perfect I think, for all kinds of interiors.  Both traditional and modern.

They also have a 3 dimensional quality which has become her trademark and is the result of combining her innovative hand-woven structures with industrial machinery.

You might recognise the ‘trellick tower’ design on the lampshade in the first picture from the post I did a while ago on People Will Always Need Plates.

She also has some very covetable shoes, bags and scarves on her online shop but you will have to visit to see those 🙂


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    design chic

    April 14, 2011

    Love these fabrics…bright and sophisticated!!


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