I Spy – Laura Felicity……….

Laura Felicity is a London based Designer-Maker with a unique talent of combining unexpected patterns with one another.  Her designs are all hand drawn, handmade and silk screen printed within the UK.

Her colours are soft, soothing and delightfully fresh and just a little Shabby Chic inspired.

The beauty is in the unusual screen printed layers within each piece.  A subtle build up of individual pattern designs that contrast and complement and intrigue the eye.

Her bespoke wallpapers involve options of layered metallic foils and stitch work, layered onto the paper’s surface.  A work of art and utterly unique.

Laura Felicity



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    Stacey Sheppard

    February 24, 2011

    Hi Carole,
    I love that bird cage wallpaper. I could have done with knowing about that for my bird-inspired wallpaper post. Some very pretty stuff here though. Thanks.

  2. Reply

    Captivated by image

    February 23, 2011

    Really soft and pretty. The butterflies, birds and flowers give a dreamy, romantic feel to this:)


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