I Spy – House of Locations……….

There’s nothing I like better than a little snoop around a locations website.

I like to look at the bones of a house especially when its stripped bare in all of it’s glory.  The unadorned walls and vast expanses of floor space invite the imagination to run a little riot, don’t you think?  How would I like to fill that space?  What colour would I paint that wall given half a chance?  How would I style and accessorize it to bring out the best of it?

I sometimes like to imagine the family that would live there.  How would that space get used?  Would it be cosy and comfy or would it be stylish and sophisticated?  Where would I shop? 

Of course, one or two items of furniture and a few accessories can only enhance that feeling of possibility.  Not too many mind you.  That would clutter the mind and inhibit the creativity.

So as you can imagine,I got a little excited when a new location website emailed me.  The possibilities!  And as you can see from this little selection, they have some very beautiful and diverse properties on their books.  And a little bird also told me that they are on the scout for more…

So if you want to earn a little extra pocket-money and you think your home could stir the imagination, they want you to get in touch.

House of Locations



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