I Spy – House of Hackney……….

Fun, irreverent and playful. I love the prints, furniture and accessories from House of Hackney.

Once described as ‘Colefax and Fowler on acid’…

what appears to be quite traditional at first glance soon transpires to be grungy chintzed florals in the Dalston Rose collection…

badgers drinking cocktails and sloths smoking the hookah in the Hackney Empire Collection…

and even in the Queen Bee Collection a luxe trompe l’oeil plays with scale and deception.

and with names right out of my childhood too!



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    July 4, 2011

    I really want the kitchen at the top, with the dark grey units, very simple and just perfect. How was the Blog party?? I have seen photos around and looked so interesting and good fun!!

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      July 4, 2011

      Hi Marga, yes Amsterdam was fun. There’s another one in the pipeline in the Autumn in Berlin. xx

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    Swedish House

    June 30, 2011

    Hej Carole

    This is weird…this is the first time that I have had a news feed come through to me in all that time since you changed your web site can you believe that? And the word HACKNEY jumped right out, I was born in Bethnal Green and spent the first formative years of my life in Hackney so like you ‘ these are names right out of my childhood’
    LOVE this! Checking out House of Hackney right now!
    Hope you are well
    LOVE PEACE enJOY Summer!

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      June 30, 2011

      Hi Julie, that is weird that you haven’t been getting the feeds. I’m glad one finally got through! I was brought up in Bethnal Green too. How about that!! Lovely to hear from you. Carole x


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