I Spy – Gisela Graham for Pretty Presents

It will soon be the time to start sticking the proverbial toe into the Christmas shopping water.  And with that in mind I’ve been on the lookout for some good gift ideas.

I really like the Gisela Graham Trellis Stoneware collection. It’s eye catching, pretty and beautifully practical so would make perfect presents for a lot of the females in the family.  Reasonably priced too.


They don’t have to be confined to the kitchen either.  The jugs make great vases and the bowls can be used for anything from paperclips to jewellery.


Especially if paired up with the equally pretty make-up and wash bags, shown here in assorted patterns.  They are made from water resistant oilcloth so there’s no need to worry about them getting damp in a wet bathroom, or anything leaking or spilling ‘in transit’!


And when you’ve filled them you can pop them into one of the Gisela Graham bags.


Job done!

All of the Gisela Graham products show here are available from The Contemporary Home.

November 6, 2013



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