I Spy – Flavor Paper……….

I love wallpaper!  And I’ve just chanced upon Flavor Paper and their incredible range of designs from floral, to funky, to, would you believe scratch and sniff?

Located in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn and with a full hand screened printing process, the Flavor Lab houses a darkroom, screen etching equipment, and an ink room where they custom mix all of the colours.  

Printing becomes street art as the front windows allow pedestrians to watch the process happen in the massive overhead mirrors.  Might be worth a visit to Brooklyn to see that!

I probably wouldn’t go for the smelly designs but I can see some merit in their wallpapers that can be peeled off and re-stuck up to 200 times.  Maybe.

I just love the designs. 

How amazing would this photographic image look in a minimalist setting?

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a UK stockist as yet.  All the more reason to visit Brooklyn!




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