I Spy – Cissy Cook Designs……….

Today I’d like to share these decorative papercut artworks in box frames that are the work of Cissy Cook Designs.

Cissy trained at Chelsea College of Art and Design in Production Design for Film and Television and this led to a very successful career in Art Direction, working on the sets of dramas and comedies for TV.

She uses both the model making skills from her film work and her passion for design to create these beautiful sculptural artworks that explore texture, light and form.

I love the white on white designs.  The butterflies and other shapes are set away from the background on wooden plinths creating a unique 3D effect and suggesting fluttering shadows.

But I can also appreciate the bright primary colours. 

Imagine the red butterflies in a nursery – the perfect gift for a new baby perhaps?

Cissy Cook Designs.



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    November 3, 2011

    So subtle and intricate. Cissy must be very skilled and patient.

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    Lacy @ downMODERNhome.com

    November 2, 2011

    The texture of these is great. What a nice way to add pattern to a room.


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