I Spy – Camilla Brent-Smith……….

Camilla Brent-Smith lived and worked in India while she was studying for her textile degree and her first fabric collection is hugely influenced by this experience.

Each design is hand-drawn or painted first and then manipulated on the computer to create a repeat pattern.  Digital printing is then used to ensure that every brush stroke is still visible.

“Swirling patterns of coloured powder laid out as far as the eye can see and flowers; garlands, petals, single buds, strewn across the painted ground”

“And the sky is full of birds, lit in the warm evening light, circling ancient palaces”

“Every inch of the palace wall is painted, every brush stroke visible through the carved lattice-work screen”.

Can you feel the heat?


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    Splendid Willow

    August 25, 2011

    Hi Carole,

    There are some talented people out there. And Camilla is an “it” girl for sure. Wonderful work!

    I have not forgotten you my friend. I still ADORE you! But with summer x 3 kids + a new store I hardly know what my name is anymore! You will see more of me when the kids are back in school!

    Love to you,



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