I Spy, Artist Ben Lowe

Ben Lowe is a British artist who says that if he wasn’t an artist he wouldn’t be alive. That’s art speak for passion. And it shines through in his work which is all based on personal experiences.

Loaf - Seven Dollar Party Dress £395 by Ben Lowe

One of my favourites is ‘Seven Dollar Party Dress’  above, which was painted after Ben’s friend declared she must find one when they first hit the streets of Manhattan in 2012. The name stuck and this is her dress.

Loaf - Waiting Game print by Ben Lowe

Another was the result of finding a crumpled old photo of a frozen lake while clearing out his Gramps’ attic, and yet another after taking a soppy trip down memory lane to his favourite Cornish beach.  What Ben’s work has in common is that it looks cool and is a joy to live with.

Loaf - Exit Strategy canvas print £395 by Ben Lowe

They all come printed on canvas and with a nice, thick, painted wooden frame.

Loaf - Ben Lowe canvas print Roses £345 by Ben Lowe

Stocked exclusively at Loaf.

August 23, 2013



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    November 17, 2014

    We love Ben Lowe’s paintings. His work is in our new exhibition that has just opened in Bath – ‘True to Form’. The show features Ben Lowe’s latest paintings and is on until 5th December.

    We love your blog.


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      November 17, 2014

      Glad you like the blog David. Thanks for the heads up on the exhibition. 🙂


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