I Spy – Animal Heads

If like me, you quite like the look of ‘animal trophies’ hanging on the wall but feel quite squeamish at the thought that they were once living and breathing creatures, fear not.  I have spotted a couple of quite beautiful alternatives lately that I would quite proudly display and no animal was harmed in the process.

Head on Design is a South African multi-creative space where you can find near-lifesize heads made either from leather or eco-friendly white board called xanita.

Just recently they have started collaborating with local artists who have a fresh contemporary style and the sculptures can be sold as originals (painted by the artist) or limited edition prints signed by the artist.

Rene Gibson is an artist based in Florida who works with animal skulls (animals who have been killed for consumption) and creates stunning mosaic sculptures.

She has a very interesting story to tell about how she came to be doing this but I’ll let you visit her website to find out more.

All I know is that they are exquisitely detailed and quite beautiful.

Which do you prefer?

December 30, 2011



  1. Reply

    Edward da Silva

    August 9, 2012

    Fantastic, really love youre designs and finish.
    I have by pure coindice started my own head.
    Congratulation and looking forward to sendig some of own heads (not human)
    Congratulatios again

  2. Reply

    Irene Pouw

    December 28, 2011

    Very colourful, like them!


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