I Spy – Andrew Martin Fabrics and Wallpaper……….

Andrew Martin has always been a favourite source of furniture for me, and I’ve always loved their stand at Decorex, but somehow their website was kind of uninspiring.

Well not any more.  I don’t know when it was re-designed but I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to find it now has lots of mouth-watering lifestyle shots to illustrate their fabric and wallpaper designs.  And to make it even more tempting, each gorgeous image is accompanied by all the details of the fabrics and wallpaper used to create the look.

Now, this is how you plump cushions!  Isn’t that wallpaper fantastic?

A lovely combination of stripes, and paisley, and antiques.

Unexpectedly feminine for Andrew Martin, but so effective with an all-white scheme.

Another fabulous wallpaper.

Florals and pink.  I could live with this.

 Now someone just needs to tell them to turn the music off!


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    Swedish House

    April 5, 2011

    Now I know why I LOVE an all white scheme…a clean palette to offset that sumptious bold floral sofa. LOVE the library wallpaper too!
    Have a good week ahead


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