How To Turn Your Bathroom Into Your Own Personal Spa

If only we could have a spa day once a week. A chance to relax, unwind and revitalise our flagging energy levels. And most important of all to make us feel pampered. Well, that might be a tad too expensive for most of us, so the next best thing is to turn your bathroom at home, into your own personal spa. Some of my tips below might only be possible if you are planning a complete refurb in the near future, but some are achievable with just a few new accessories and a spruce up.

Invest in a Comfortable Bath

It might seem like a strange statement but there’s no point in buying a new bath that is too long or too short for you. You want to relax in this bath after all. If it’s too long you’ll end up disappearing under the water, and if it’s too short you’ll never be able to get deep enough to keep warm. There’s also a big variation in baths when it comes to reclining in them. So do yourself a favour and jump in before buying. After all, you wouldn’t buy a sofa or a bed without trying it for comfort first.

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How To Turn Your Bathroom Into Your Own Personal Spa

Image Credit: Dunelm

Install Underfloor Heating

If you are doing a complete renovation at home it makes sense to install underfloor heating. You’ll save wall space because you won’t need a radiator and it will feel beyond luxurious on those cold winter mornings. I’d still include a heated towel rail however. There’s nothing nicer than warm, dry towels. And then just imagine stepping out of the bath or shower onto a warm floor and grabbing a toasty towel from the rail. Go on. Imagine it.

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into Your Own Personal Spa

Sea Cliff Clement Street Porcelain Tiles, Claybrook Studio.

Consider Dimmable Lighting

The bathroom is one of the rooms where adequate task lighting is essential. Have you ever tried applying makeup in the dark? But by putting the bathroom lights on dimmers you will be able to create the right atmosphere when all you want to do is relax in bubbles at the end of a hard day. I’d also suggest a scented candle or two to heighten that relaxing vibe even more.

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into Your Own Personal Spa

Swan neck Bathroom Wall Light, Fritz Fryer.

Choose a Relaxing Colour Palette

There’s no denying that a conventional white, bright colour scheme works well in a bathroom. It always look cheery and clean, but can sometimes look a bit clinical. A darker palette might work better if you really want a room that comes into it’s own after nightfall. But whatever your preferences choose a colour scheme that you find relaxing at the end of the day.

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into Your Own Personal Spa

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Create a Sense of Privacy

There’s nothing less relaxing than the feeling that you might be overlooked. For that reason, window treatments in the bathroom should be given special consideration. Shutters work well, by controlling the light but also providing privacy. Blinds will provide a complete blackout. Or if you’re not overlooked but still don’t want some screening, window film might be the answer.

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into Your Own Personal Spa

Bamboo Bath Caddy with Book Stand & Wine Glass Holder, Bathroom Takeaway.

Add a Bath Caddy

Once you’ve submerged yourself in that deep comfortable bath, dimmed the lights and shut the blinds, you’ll want everything close to hand. A bath caddy will keep your toiletries exactly where you need them. Not to mention that glass of wine and a book. If you don’t like the look of a caddy over the bath, a small but tall side table will do the job just as well.

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into Your Own Personal Spa

Ferm Living Herman Stool, Nest.

Add Some Greenery

I can’t stress enough how many benefits there are to having real plants in the house. Their presence creates such a feeling of well-being that they should be a compulsory addition to every bathroom. Especially one that is going to double up as your very own personal spa. Not only that, they will absolutely love the hot, steamy atmosphere too.

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into Your Own Personal Spa

Image Credit: Dunelm.

Pamper Yourself

Now you’ve covered all the basics it’s time to really blow the budget on some of life’s luxuries. Thick Soft towels to snuggle up in. An equally soft toweling bath robe. And some of your favourite lotions and potions.



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