How to Incorporate Emerald Green into Your Home

It’s no secret that I love the colour green. Any green. You only have to look at my Instagram feed to realise its frequent occurrence in my own home and in my posts. And it seems I’m not the only one if this recent article in the Daily Mail is anything to go by. As Andrew Dunning so rightly said about this growing trend “the green movement has its roots in the latest clothing fashions but also in the enduring desire to be close to nature — which is ‘very comforting during hard times.” No one can argue about the ‘hard times’ that’s for sure. But green isn’t the easiest colour to work with. Even after you have chosen your favourite shade…

So You Love Emerald Green?

Emerald Green is an intense blue green named after the precious gemstone. We know that. But did you know that the colour Emerald was invented in Germany in 1814. By taking acetic acid, mixing and boiling it with vinegar, and then by adding some arsenic, a bright blue-green hue was formed. Alarmingly, at the time it was notorious for causing deaths due to it being a popular colour used for wallpaper (Wikipedia). Have I put you off? I hope not because it can look stunning in the home.

How to Incorporate Emerald Green into Your Home

Dark Botanical Gallery Wall: Desenio.

Emerald Green Velvet

An emerald green velvet sofa is at the top of my wish list. Well it would be if I didn’t have a big hairy dog. So I can but dream. Dream of such elegance, sophistication and sheer indulgence. I’d let it stand out against a pale backdrop too. It’s the star of the show and shouldn’t have to compete with any other colour in my book. But adding green artwork, or indeed green plants is a great way to repeat how gorgeous this hue is. And pale wood tones emphasise the reference to nature beautifully.

How to Incorporate Emerald Green into Your Home

Curved Back Velvet Bar Stool In Moss Green, Rockett St George.

Accessorise With Emerald Green

If using such a bold shade all around the home is scary, it’s a great colour to use in accessories. Not least in an otherwise monochrome scheme. It will pack a punch without jarring or hurting the eyes, because green in all of its hues is ultimately a calming colour.

How to Incorporate Emerald Green into Your Home

Persian Print Wallpaper, Lime Lace.

Go Bold With Emerald Green

So back to the wallpaper. Striking as a feature wall, but comforting and enveloping when used all over. You could simply paint a wall in this stunning colour, or why not go all out with a small wallpaper repeat. Reminiscent of the shades found in a peacock’s tail it naturally lends itself to pairing with deep teal. And of course gold accessories will ramp up the exotic feel even more. 

How to Incorporate Emerald Green into Your Home

Sofas and Chairs, (affiliate link) Swoon Editions.

Combine With Other Colours

Emerald green of course does work with other colours too. If you dare. Other jewel like shades of (already mentioned) teal, yellow, and burgandy all spring immediately to mind. Each will draw the eye around a room before resting on the shade that is repeated most often. But this shade of green is also perfectly complemented by pink. And very on-trend this pairing is too.

How to Incorporate Emerald Green into Your Home

Lisbon Bed Linen in White, The French Bedroom Company.

Use Ultra Sparingly

For others, a single jolt of colour might be all that’s needed to provide the finishing touch to an otherwise neutral scheme. It’s not how much you use, but how you use it.

How to Incorporate Emerald Green into Your Home

Mind the Gap Banana Leaves Wallpaper, Charlton Island.

Go Mad With Pattern

And then there’s pattern. Bold, feisty, in yer face pattern. It’s a way of using this strong shade whilst also providing some light relief. Tropical prints show no sign of going out of fashion any time soon. Which means emerald green will be with us for some time too. Amen to that.

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    July 21, 2020

    This really looks beautiful, I love it.

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    July 20, 2020

    Green and wood so matching each other. We are choosing generally same colours in Zedhouses. Tropical print so trendy 🙂


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