How to Create That Hotel Chic Experience in Your Own Bedroom

It’s fair to say I stayed in a lot of hotels during 2017. At the last count it was about 25. Not bad going for a single year, unless you’re a travelling salesman or a hotel critic of course. Not all of them were high-end. I’ll just leave that there in case you think I’m super rich and super spoiled. Leaving out the hotels I’d rather forget, the rest of them were all object lessons in comfort and luxury. They all gave the type of experience that makes you feel pampered and wishing you could stay just a few nights longer. So why not emulate that hotel chic experience in your own bedroom? It’s easier than you think. Just remember the experience and what made it so special.

How to Create That Hotel Chic Experience in Your Own Bedroom

The Feeling of Supreme Comfort

It goes without saying that the bed is the single most important thing in a hotel bedroom and should be as comfortable as possible. Choose the highest quality mattress, pillows and bedding that your budget will allow and you will be rewarded with that feeling of supreme comfort. Bruno Sleep mattresses have been designed to also give support in all the right places contouring the body, and  distributing weight evenly so there are no ‘pressure points’ – i.e. hips, shoulders are supported and your back is perfectly aligned, no matter how you sleep. It’s worth mentioning too that they are not made of memory foam, but contain natural latex which is naturally hypoallergenic and allows air to flow. Down pillows and duvets (as opposed to man-made fibres) are also not only more luxurious but will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. A padded headboard is also a must for comfortable lounging in bed, and for enjoying that early morning cuppa. From room service of course.

How to Create That Hotel Chic Experience in Your Own Bedroom

The Feeling of Ease

It can’t have escaped your notice that hotel bedrooms seem to have anticipated your every need. The bedside table is clutter free. Just ready for you to drop your reading material and phone down. Light switches and lights are where you expect them to be. Meaning you never have to get out of bed to turn off your reading light. And there’s often a handy armchair where you can put your shoes on or plonk down when you don’t want to muss up the bed. All things that you can easily adopt in your own bedroom by adding an armchair and a bedside light and keeping the table free of anything you don’t need during the night. If you want to go even further, why not get into the habit of keeping a fresh bottle of water by the side of the bed too?

How to Create That Hotel Chic Experience in Your Own Bedroom - keep the clutter down

The Feeling of Privacy and Hushed Silence

Even hotels that have spectacular views provide a means of shutting out the world if you prefer. Thick floor length curtains muffle sounds and block out the light, while floor length voile’s provide privacy and control the amount of daylight allowed to enter. Wall to wall carpeting further enhances the effect. This is easily achieved at home too by layering blackout curtains or blinds with a lighter, more opaque layer. If you would prefer hard floors, layer them with rugs that are soft underfoot and deaden sound.

Create that hotel chic feeling with layered curtains

The Feeling of Luxury

It’s the little things that add that feeling of luxury. If only we could all have a bath in the bedroom! What we can have, is sweet smelling toiletries ready to use. And not just for special occasions. A warm fluffy bathrobe to slip into, and soft towelling slippers (just like in a hotel) for padding between bath and bed.

This post was written in partnership with Bruno Sleep but all views are my own.


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    January 10, 2018

    A light switch within arm’s reach of a bed is one of the biggest signs of luxury in any bedroom, and the feeling of joy it gives you to realise you don’t have to get up and walk back to bed in the dark is something that should be bottled. It begs the question of why this isn’t more common in homes – certainly anyone looking to add a bedroom in an extension or conversion should consider this. All it requires is forward planning, and very little extra expense if you’re already having the lighting re-done!

    • Reply


      January 11, 2018

      I couldn’t agree more Sarah 🙂


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