How to Add The Wow Factor to The Bathroom

Bathrooms don’t have to be bland, white, clinical spaces. All too often the room we inherit from builders or previous owners is full of hard shiny surfaces and uninspiring tiles. But there’s no reason why a bathroom shouldn’t feel as warm and welcoming as every other room in the house. Even if you are not planning on a complete refurb yet, there are lot’s of ways you can add the wow factor to the bathroom and turn it into a space you are happy to be in. And one that even makes you smile every time you open the door.

Wallpaper and Accent Colours

How to Add The Wow Factor to The Bathroom

Secret Garden Wallpaper from Catherine Rowe.

Wallpaper can be used in the bathroom. And it’s probably the quickest and easiest way to add colour and pattern. As long as the room is well ventilated and the paper has been hung well, there should be no cause for concern. You can always use a couple of coats of varnish if you are worried. This will seal the edges but – word of caution – it may change the colours of the wallpaper slightly. A more sensible solution would be to hang the wallpaper well away from any areas that may get splashed, such as the opposite wall to the bath, or on the top half of the wall with wooden panelling or tiles on the bottom half.

A punchy accent colour is also a good option for bathrooms that are lacking colour. It’s also a good solution for using up half-used or leftover tins of paint.

Get Creative With Tiles

How to Add The Wow Factor to The Bathroom

Drops Persian Blue Ceramic Tiles from The Porcelain Superstore.

I love a white metro tile, but they definitely have their place. Usually in a bathroom that already has features in abundance. But if you have a contemporary space that is just crying out for some personality, why not get creative with tiles? There are lots of different shapes available in the shops and some quite bold colours too. If everything else is plain, they will add much needed colour and interest. I particularly like the way the tiles above are left at the top to mimic waves. Very apt.

Go Down the Traditional Route

How to Add The Wow Factor to The Bathroom

Image Credit @renovationhusbands featuring Davey Lighting – Pillar Offset Wall Light from Original BTC.

If your tastes run more to the traditional style of bathroom, you can’t go wrong with wooden panelling in place of shiny tiles. It’s a look that will never go out of style and will always look classy. As do twin sinks. Probably something to put on the back-burner until you go down the whole refurbishment route, but definitly bathroom-goals for most of us. Don’t forget to add matching mirrors, wall lights and a patterned rug for a homely touch.

Try a Paint Effect

How to Add The Wow Factor to The Bathroom

Ombre Aubusson Blue Wall Paint And Provence Chalk Paint, Bath In Provence Chalk Paint, all from Annie Sloan.

A waterfall-effect ombré wall in a cascading ocean palette is the perfect way to create a feature wall in the bathroom. Start painting from the bottom with your lightest colour of chalk paint first. Apply the middle shade above your first colour, then use a clean brush to lightly feather the paint while it’s still wet, blending each colour into the next. Finish with your darkest colour at the top of the wall and repeat the blending process. Then seal the entire wall with wax.

Go Wild With Colour

How to Add The Wow Factor to The Bathroom

Shells And Pearls Wallpaper from Catherine Rowe.

Who says a bathroom has to be white? As you would when decorating any other room in the house, start with a moodboard of ideas. You will be amazed how effective and satisfying combining colours and surfaces can be. Be adventurous with patterns, colours and even porcelain shades. If the rest of your home is a riot of colour, why shouldn’t the bathroom be the same?

Add Luxurious Details

How to Add The Wow Factor to The Bathroom

Cole & Son Savuti Wallpaper from Lime Lace.

Decorative details will also make the difference between meh and fab! Treat the bathroom to some luxury with a decorative chandelier, a plush rug, plants, candles and things that just make you smile.


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