High Style on the High Street

If there’s one thing I love to do on the blog, it’s to demonstrate that you don’t  need oodles of money to create a stylish home. Yes, we all like to splash out once in a while and sometimes that expensive chandelier or that designer sofa is the only one that will do. And that’s ok. But most of us can only afford to do that occasionally, and in the meantime the high street is a goldmine if you choose carefully.

This sophisticated living space is the work of  Robson Rak Architects but it’s very easy to emulate if you stick to a few rules.

High Style on the High Street

1. Stick to a restrained colour palette. Grey always looks smart and the black touches help to frame the room effectively and give some contrast. The accents of yellow only make up about 10% of the colour in the room and the yellow used is a very soft shade instead of acid yellow.

2. Keep pattern to a minimum or avoid it altogether. The colour blocked curtains add enough visual interest here and you are less likely to tire of them in a couple of seasons.

3. Remember to add texture and touches of luxury. Rugs are a really good way of adding texture but don’t forget soft velvet cushions always look and feel luxurious, and a woollen throw is an added layer of comfort.

4. Don’t be tempted to add too many accessories. A few books, a vase of flowers and a couple of mementoes are all you really need in this sitting room. Any more would add clutter and detract from the overall sophistication of the scheme.

High Street sources: Curtain Pole, John Lewis. Hanging Lantern, Next Home. Metal Tablelamp, Habitat. Designers Guild Throw, Amara. Coffee Table, Nest. Sofa, Heal’s. Textured Rug, Westelm. Cushion, Oka Direct.


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    Sarah @ Mocha

    May 14, 2014

    Such great tips. I totally agree that it is possible to create a luxurious looking home on a budget. And very often simplicity is the key.


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