Green: Inside and Out

Am I the only one who loves the rain? Well, not everyday, all day! But I just adore the way it turns the garden emerald green. Every little lull in the downpour and I’m out there inspecting new growth and snipping off dead branches. It’s therapeutic, and a welcome change from the computer screen every now and again.

And if I could bottle that lushness and spread it around inside, I definitely would. Unfortunately I’m not at all green-fingered. I buy houseplants and I try to nurture them but I think my house is just too dark. It’s frustrating. But luckily for me there are lots of other ways to bring green into the house at the moment. It’s fashionable to be ‘green’. And, magpie like, I am drawn to anything that feeds my need. As long as it’s green.

Miss Print HousePlants_wallpaper

The new House Plants wallpaper from the latest collection by MissPrint features an eclectic mix of plants and pots. It’s so cheerful it couldn’t help to bring a smile every time you walk into a room. And it’s nostalgic retro design is available in other colours too at £64.95 per roll.

Cactus candles via Rose and Grey

These cactus candles are just so darned cute. From Rose and Grey, they are just £3.65 each and I don’t think even I could kill them.

Graham and Green - Rattan Wing Chair

Not exactly green itself, this handsome winged chair from Graham and Green, nevertheless calls to mind exotic conservatories. At £495 it’s definitely an investment piece for me, but it will never go out of style.

Green feather bird, Rose and Grey

This cute and decorative green feather bird is perhaps a more affordable way to add a fun touch to any desk or shelf around the home. It’s currently available for a special price of £5 from Rose and Grey.

Green bird clip via Graham and Green

In fact you could start a whole menagerie with some green bird clips from Graham and Green. £2.95 each.

jar lanterns from cox and cox

And for outside I have these LED jar lanterns on my radar. £35 from Cox and Cox.

There’s more than one way to go green.

September 21, 2015


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    Simple Clocks

    October 12, 2015

    Love these beautiful greens! Thanks for sharing.