Get Creative With Kitchen Tiles

White metro tiles laid in a herringbone pattern

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the classic white metro tile (especially with a dark grout), but sometimes a kitchen just calls for something a bit more creative. Maybe it’s lacking a focal point. Maybe it has no architectural details to speak of. Or maybe you are just craving a bit more colour and pattern in your life.

Make a feature with the same tiles used in different colours

Using the same tile in different colours can be very effective as shown here by Gemini Tiles. The shelves act as natural dividers for each colour change and the result is a very strong focal point in the alcove between the cupboards. Displaying mostly white china and accessories on the shelves keeps the look graphic and strong.

Use tiles to mimic architectural details

In a room lacking architectural details, interest has been created by the clever use of these tiles from The Baked Tile Company. By continuing the tiles to picture rail height and by using a contrasting colour at the mid point (almost mimicking a dado rail), a period effect has been achieved. The patterned tiles on the floor reinforce this effect and bring much needed pattern into the room.

Plain white metro tiles laid in a herringbone pattern

The ever popular white metro tile used in a modern country kitchen. But used in this instance in a herringbone pattern by Walls and Floors which brings them bang up to date. The strong blue paint used on the wall above the tiles emphasises the pattern even more.

Black and white patterned floor tiles broken up with plain white

Patterned floor tiles are very popular at the moment but the effect on a larger floor can be a little overwhelming. Using patterned tiles with plain white can make the look a bit easier on the eye. These tiles are from the London Funk range at the Baked Tile Company.

Patterned tiles used randomly for a contemporary version of a patchwork effect

Patchwork tiles are another popular option for anyone who loves pattern. Used as above in a very random way with lots of white makes the look more contemporary and less ‘french country’. Available from Walls and Floors.



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