Garden Plans and Pergola Inspiration

Once again the garden of the new house is taking priority over any internal decorating. With our last house it was because the new-build garden was devoid of any charm, plants or shade. A small plot with an orange fence, a poor lawn, and a patio that wouldn’t accommodate two chairs. This time around the house is old, and the garden was so overgrown when we moved in, we couldn’t see any fence! It’s no exaggeration to say it was a complete jungle where the sun couldn’t penetrate. It caused a lot of heated discussion. I thought it was quite magical at first, but the BF wanted to rip it all out. He won. All of the plants had been neglected and were causing quite a few issues with the drainpipes and gutters. Plus we couldn’t see the garden from the house. Or any boundaries.

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A room outside is so important to our wellbeing don’t you think?

Garden Plans and Pergola Inspiration

Inspiration No 1. Comfy seating, rugs and tables for drinks. Image is from Beaumonde.

It’s probably testament to how important the garden is to us that we are tackling this job first. Yes we could have just plonked a few chairs in a sunny spot, but it was annoying us both too much.

Garden Plans and Pergola Inspiration

Inspiration No 2. Paving slabs, lush planting, and weathered wood. Image is from Oka UK.

Six months later and a lot of hard graft (by the BF I might add) has now revealed the boundaries, and we can see where the sun travels during the day. He’s also replaced the fence that was threatening to fall down anyway. And this is where I get a bit more interested. Now that the hard work of pulling everything out is done, I can start planning what to put back in! At this point I have to say we haven’t quite pulled everything out. We have a few trees (including a beautiful mimosa) and we’re moving the shubs when we can, to more suitable positions.

Garden Plans and Pergola Inspiration

Inspiration No 3. A hammock! Image is from Beaumonde.

What we don’t have is somewhere to sit, and I’m missing my old pergola badly. So some kind of shaded patio is definitely on the cards. Maybe a bit more of a waterproof shelter this time around. Learning from past mistakes, there definitely won’t be any decking. Decking just doesn’t seem to weather that well and gets slippery when wet. We can also afford for the pergola to be bigger in our much larger space, with enough room for four armchairs and a coffee table or fire pit.

Garden Plans and Pergola Inspiration

Inspiration No 4. A firepit and festoon lights. Image is from Lights4fun.

The things I will repeat this time around are plants that climb nicely up the poles. Jasmine was a favourite – it was quite well behaved and did smell heavenly. Hanging baskets. And festoon lights.

Garden Plans and Pergola Inspiration

Inspiration No 5. Flowering climbers and a pastel planting scheme. Image is from Oka UK.

Once again, it won’t be against the wall of the house. The sweet spot (yes, I have been watching Your Garden Made Perfect) seems to be the middle of the garden to one side of the mimosa tree. It’s the spot that gets the sun for most of the day and the best vantage point to see the rest of the space.

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