Garden Lights for Atmospheric Summer Nights

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I keep thinking that the garden is finished. It’s five years since work began transforming it from a patch of grass with an orange fence, into somewhere that I love to potter, to sit, and to entertain. It’s been an organic transformation. I had a plan in my mind but I’m no landscape gardener, and we’ve completed each stage as time and budget have allowed. You may remember when the dining deck was completed and we were able to finally sit outside and enjoy a barbecue. Then came the pergola with an alternative seating arrangement that gave us some much needed shade. And last year the lawn and flower bed were added so that I could finally grow something that wasn’t in a pot. As I said, I thought it was finished.

Garden Lights for Atmospheric Summer Nights

But that was before two things happened. The BF’s two boys (soon to be fully qualified electricians) asked if they could add some lights to the garden so that they would have a job for their portfolio. And almost at the same time Lights 4 Fun asked me if I would like some outdoor lights.

Well, hell, yes!

Garden Lights for Atmospheric Summer Nights

Solar lights and candles have been the sole source of light out there so far and they do have their limitations. Not that I have anything against either. In fact I like a combination of different lights. The solar lights come on at dusk and stay alight all night. And they do look mighty pretty. Candles are atmospheric but they don’t really give any practical light and they do have a tendency to blow out. So some real electric lights to supplement these two seemed a logical step forward. However, I didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere with anything too bright or white. As it happens I’m so pleased with how it’s all turned out.

A Wall Light for the Dining Table

Garden Lights for Atmospheric Summer Nights

I chose the Black Metal Swan Neck Wall Light to go above the dining table because it directs the light downwards and has a slight industrial feel that suits my style. With a filament bulb it looks even better. We’ll be able to see what we’re eating now!

String Lights for the Pergola

Garden Lights for Atmospheric Summer Nights

For the pergola I chose Warm White LED Connectable Festoon Lights as they will supplement the solar lights and the effect is a soft glow rather than a harsh light. They give the appearance of real bulbs but they’re actually a beautiful perspex. There’s 20 of them across 5 metres but you can also add to them. I’ve used 3 sets and it’s turned out perfect. You can use a timer starter plug so that you can leave them up without having to turn them on or off again. Oh, and if you want them to, they can twinkle, flash, chase and many other glorious effects too?

Garden Lights for Atmospheric Summer Nights

We already use the garden A LOT during the summer and now I know we’ll use it even more.

And just to be clear, the garden will never be finished!


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  1. Reply


    September 19, 2019

    I love your garden, especially the pergola and it’s lighting. Can I ask what you used for planning your garden design? Thanks

  2. Reply

    gautami raletta

    May 31, 2019

    Your garden looks beautiful, with all the furniture and colours and greenry, it looks very cozy. And the lights just add even more of a beautiful effect to it. thank you for sharing the pictures , they look lovely.

    • Reply


      May 31, 2019

      Aww, thank you. So glad you like it.


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