Forget Back to School – Get Back to Work

It’s August Bank Holiday and soon the summer will be over. The kids will be back in school and lazing on the beach, with an iced Margarita in hand will be a distant fading memory. You’ve kitted out the little ‘uns with a new blazer and some sharpened pencils, but what about you? How do you lift yourself out of this self-imposed fug and shake off the holiday blues. Well, a little pre-planning in the organisation department will do wonders. I don’t have school children admittedly but I do have to shake myself up sometimes in order to activate some motivation and get back to work.

Forget Back to School - Get Back to Work

Mo Desk Lamp And Roller Pendant Light, Pooky.

Tidy Up Your Workspace

A tidy desk equals a tidy mind so they say. And I don’t know about you but I can’t concentrate when my workspace is in a mess. First I tackle the filing. Where does it all come from? Then I throw out all the brochures, samples, cardboard boxes (I always think they’ll come in handy but they soon pile up), and anything else I don’t need. And then when I have a clear space to work with I generally get the duster out. Just this simple tidy up is usually enough to make me want to sit down and start work again.

Forget Back to School - Get Back to Work

Life Planner, £35.99, Ella Iconic.

Treat Yourself to Some New Stationery

There’s something about starting a fresh new notebook. Especially if it’s pretty and has some motivational words somewhere. And I have to confess I have some lovely notebooks on my desk that I can’t quite bring myself to write in. But they look nice! Some new pens or pencils is always a treat too. It’s a matter of personal preference but I like a good biro. One that actually glides across the paper and encourages me to use my best handwriting at all times. I do use the PC for diaries and reminders, but there’s something about a notebook that just feels good.

Forget Back to School - Get Back to Work

Every Day Journal, £18, Hello Day.

Make a List

I’m a list maker I must confess. I love making them. I love adding to them. And I love the feeling of crossing things off when they are done. There’s something about making a list that motivates me to dig deep and bring to the surface all the ideas I’ve been mulling over at odd times of the day. Or night. And then once they are written down, I can forget them and move on, until the time is right to cross them off the list.

Forget Back to School - Get Back to Work

The Panda Collection from Fenella Smith.

Buy a New Plant or Add a Bunch of Flowers

Having fresh flowers and living, thriving plants in your workspace is good for you. Flowers feel like a treat at any time, and it doesn’t cost much to keep a small vase topped up with seasonal blooms. Even flowers from the garden will make you smile. And living, breathing houseplants will cleanse the air and increase your feelings of positivity. I’ve even written an entire post about the benefits here.

Forget Back to School - Get Back to Work

Stationery from A Gift From The Gods.

Create a Playlist

Some people like music while they work, some don’t. I’m in the latter category. But if you do like to have some background noise, why not create the ideal playlist to help you along. I’ve read that classical music is better for concentration but it’s your playlist so make it yours.

Forget Back to School - Get Back to Work

Art Deco Notebook, £5.60, Chase and Wonder.

Add Some Scent

I love to have a candle burning while I work. Especially in the winter when dusk comes early. In the summer I usually use a room spray or a diffuser. But it just makes me look forward to going into the room and feels just a little bit indulgent.

So, whatever tricks you use to get yourself back in the mood for work after the long summer break, use them. Maybe you have tricks of your own?

Pretty Notebooks

Forget Back to School - Get Back to Work

  1. Ted Baker Black Splendour Mini Notebook and Pen, £16.95, Annabel James.
  2.  Insect Mandala Notebook, £6, The Curious Department.
  3. My Resolutions Notebook Set With Gold Foiling, £4.99, Etsy.
  4. Toucan Notebook, £11, Fenella Smith.
  5. Arboretum Print Notebook, £13, Wild and Wolf.
  6. Botanical Jungle Notebook, £3.50, Albert and Moo.
  7. French Fancies Notebook, £32, The Shop Floor Project.
  8. Castelli – Shibori Medium Ruled Notebook, £15, Lily King.
  9. Cockatoo Notebook And Pen, £15, Saramiller London.



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