Finnish Furniture – Less is More

If only I had a wardrobe of clothes consisting of a carefully curated collection of designer items. A selection of covet-able outfits with a limited colour palette to make coordinating a breeze in the mornings. Less choice would bring freedom I feel. If only.

And if I did, I’d have this Lume Coat Rack from BEdesign.

BEdesign - Lume Coat Rack - 1

BEdesign is a young and innovative company founded in 2012 by sisters Bette and Cilla Eklund. Their collection is quintessentially Finnish, using only the highest quality materials and putting equal emphasis on aesthetics and functionality. Both sisters are passionate about and inspired by nature – having grown up on a farm, they spent their childhood surrounded by animals and outdoor life.

BEdesign - Lume Coat Rack - 2

And if only I had a small collection of first editions to display on this Deer Shelf.

BEdesign -Deer Shelf 1

This impressive bookshelf is made in the shape of a wild deer. Its large, open shelves make it a lightweight piece, despite being built from solid oak. The various shapes and sizes of shelf make it perfect for storing books and magazines, or it would work equally well as a piece of art.

BEdesign - Deer Shelf 2

BEdesign is available from Clippings.

January 6, 2015



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