Fake It With Patterned Vinyl Floor Tiles

Take no notice of the title. There’s nothing fake about the stunning luxury vinyl floor tiles hitting the market right now. Manufacturers have quite rightly seen the trend (and demand) for patterned floor tiles and decided to give us a slightly cheaper alternative. Hooray to that. I’m all for creating the right look at the right price. Only a couple of years ago I was looking for a hard-wearing but inexpensive option for the bathroom at the country cottage, and the choice was so limited I just chose black and white squares. They’re okay but boy, could they be better. That same supplier is now stocking some fantastic designs, of which there are two below. So, if you would love a high-end look but don’t have the high-end budget. Or if you are feeling a bit sniffy about faking it with vinyl….

Fake It With Patterned Vinyl Floor Tiles

The New Neisha Crosland Flooring Collection from Harvey Maria.

All the Style Without the Price Tag

Vinyl tiles without a doubt are less expensive that ceramic tiles. And now that there are so many gorgeous patterns available you’re not limited for choice either. They are also less labour intensive (hence, cheaper) to install. A good diy-er could probably do it themselves, although I’d always advice getting in a professional if you are at all unsure.

Fake It With Patterned Vinyl Floor Tiles

Platinum Cabana Vinyl (sheet vinyl that looks like tiles) In Grey & Green from Carpetright.

A Practical Solution for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Being moisture resistant, vinyl tiles are a really good choice for any areas of the house that may get wet. Not just kitchens and bathrooms, but hallways (muddy footprints) and even conservatories (all that plant watering). I read somewhere that you could even tip a bath full of water onto a vinyl floor and you could just mop it up. Don’t try this at home. But from a practical point of view they are very practical and easy to keep clean. Stain and bacteria resistant too.

Fake It With Patterned Vinyl Floor Tiles

Corona Mono by Amtico

Warm and Foot Friendly

There’s no getting away from the fact that ceramic tiles can be chilly in winter. Vinyl tiles don’t have this problem. In fact they can be as comfortable as carpet to walk on.

Fake It With Patterned Vinyl Floor Tiles

Baroque (sheet vinyl that looks like tiles) in Lisbon 909 from Lifestyle Floors.

(Almost) Maintenance Free

Vinyl floors on average will last 10 – 20 years. They are hard-wearing (even with heavy foot-fall) and require very little maintenance. If you do go for vinyl though, just be careful of scratches. About the only thing that can damage the floor, and the damage is irreversible. On the other hand, drop your favourite mug and it might just bounce, instead of smashing into a thousand pieces on a porcelain or ceramic floor.

Fake It With Patterned Vinyl Floor Tiles

Platinum Almeria Blue Vinyl (sheet vinyl that looks like tiles) from Carpetright.

You can’t even tell the difference, now can you?


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