Exotic Interiors – How to Work the Mexican Look in the Home

Recently I contributed to an article over on the Modern Rugs website regarding a new trend known as Exoticism. That is, interior trends inspired by design and cultures from around the world. Do pop over and read the entire article, it discusses not only the Mexican look, but how to incorporate elements of Moroccan, South African, Japanese and Indian elements into the home. Covering the design roots of each culture, the patterns, colours, textures and how to create the entire ambiance of each country.

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How to Work the Mexican Look incorporating rattan, handcrafted textiles and plants

Sainsbury’s Home Global Traveller Collection

It’s a long time since I travelled to Mexico – a road trip mostly by public bus taking in the antiquities of Mexico City, the markets of Oaxaca, the ruins at Palenque and the beaches of Tulum. And much more in between. I’m longing to return. I’ve always considered it my favourite trip of all time. And favourite country to visit. Go! But don’t go to an all-inclusive and sit on the beach!! If you do that you will not experience the full ambiance that is Mexico. The beaches are lovely but there’s so much more to see. It’s a colourful, vibrant country full of history, amazing food, tempting markets, hidden shady courtyards and all with a tangible mystical quality. You can’t escape the festivals, the day of the dead images and the striking paintings by Frida Kahlo.

How to Work the Mexican Look incorporating wrought iron, rustic wood and the odd day of the dead cushion

George Home Iberia Collection

My visit pre-dated the current trend for incorporating global inspirations into our homes. (it was even before I became so passionate about interiors – although I was always interested). So I didn’t fully appreciate at the time how we would one day be shopping for Frida images and blending the features into our own interiors. How I would have shopped had I known!

For full details of working this trend follow the link here.

Let’s Shop Now

Let's Shop the Mexican Look

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  3. ‘Day of the Dead’ with Umbrella Filled Cushion, £40, Ian Snow.
  4. Large Cactus Vase, £71, Amara.
  5. Bohemian Hammock, was £119, now £59.99, Cuckooland.
  6. Calavera Huichol Mexican Skull, £165, Rume.
  7. Frida Kahlo Print, £45, Audenza.
  8. Faux Mini Cactus Decoration, £8 Each, Debenhams.
  9. World of Flavours Mediterranean Terracotta Casserole, Kitchen Craft.


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