Effective and Easily Achieved Spring Updates for the Home

Spring Updates for the Home

Spring Updates for the Home

I’m itching to get the paintbrushes out again. It may be because the bedroom is finished. Or it may be the time of year. There’s always a desire at the first whiff of spring to brighten the place up a bit, and to inject some colour to combat the (still) gloomy weather. Well, not just at this time of the year to be honest. My head is continually filled with plans for the next project that I have to keep secret from the BF. If I don’t want to see the raised eyebrows followed by the look of resignation that is. The NEED just seems to be greater at this time of the year. But it doesn’t have to be such a major upheaval to update the home for the warmer months ahead. All it takes is a few simple updates.

Spring Updates for the Home

Spring Updates in the Living Room

This is probably the room that will benefit the most from a spring refresh. You’ve probably spent a lot of time on the sofa in the past few months and everything will be looking a bit tired and well, let’s face it dusty. Now’s the time to get behind the furniture with the hoover and just give the place a good old spring clean. Clean the windows too. Nothing lets the light in more effectively than clean, sparkling windows. Change the cushions for some new ones. They needn’t be expensive but they will transform the room. Put the throws in the washing machine and store them away until next year. Buy some new plants, or re pot your old ones. And then add some fresh flowers to really brighten the place up.

Spring Updates for the Home

Spring Updates in the Bedroom

Now do it all again in the bedroom. And while you’re at it change your bedding for something lighter and brighter. It’s time to take the duvet to the cleaners, get some new pillows (don’t know about yours but mine never last very long before they lose their plumpness) and buy some colourful bedding. I usually polish all the mirrors too so that every surface is gleaming. A good tidy doesn’t go amiss either. It’s time to go through the wardrobe and get rid of all those winter items that you just know you will not be wearing again next year. One in, one out is not a bad motto. One I’ve yet to stick to but the intention is always there.

Spring Updates for the Home

Spring Updates in the Bathroom

You might think that this is the easy room but have you looked in the back of your bathroom cabinet lately? Get rid of all those half used lotions and potions that you’d forgotten and will never use. Or at the very least put them to the front again so that you actually use them up. Bathroom accessories are not expensive and a few new ones might make all the difference in here. Especially that shower curtain that’s showing the first signs of mold. Buy some pretty jars and decant your most used items into them, and buy some pretty ferns for the window ledge.

Spring Updates for the Home

Spring Updates in the Kitchen

This is another room that seems to accumulate old and out of date items in the cupboards. Clear them out. I’ll be getting the stepladder out too so that I can reach the top of the cabinets for a good clean. The new kitchen accessories that I’ve recently added will now brighten up the worktops a treat.

And once all of that is done, I’ll be letting the BF know about the new wallpaper I’ve ordered.

All images are of the new spring products available at H&M Home.

February 27, 2017



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