Easy and Effective Displays Around the House

Already the flowers in my little garden are starting to look a tad tired. It never fails to amaze me that as soon as August arrives, the mornings have a definite chill and the nights start creeping in. One day I will have year round displays of flowers for cutting and bringing in, but for now I will have to start thinking outside of the box when I feel the urge to decorate the house.

Because it’s the transitional displays that bring energy and life to decorating schemes. They don’t have to cost much, and they shouldn’t take too much effort. To do so will destroy the spontaneity of the arrangement.

houseenvy_75444449382174 (2)

A row of pots on the windowsill containing succulents and cacti look simple and effective. The uniform height of each pot and the similar geometric shapes suggest that the display is intentional rather than a happy accident.


Herbs drying on a metal rack will not only look good but will be fragrant too. A perfect arrangement for a kitchen and suggestive of a home where cooking is an important part of everyday family life.


A couple of eucalyptus branches on a copper tray will look perfect on a coffee table. Just add a candle for after dark.


Personal collections displayed in baskets or even in open drawers are always a great source of inspiration. Remember to remove and add items regularly to keep the displays fresh and interesting.


And when the nights really start to draw in there is nothing better than a row of candles or lanterns. Differing heights add to the interest and glass domes and objects help to reflect the rosy glow.

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