Dulux Colour Trends for This Autumn

If the autumn colour trends predicted by Dulux are anything to go by, the nation still can’t get enough of the darker end of the spectrum. Have you dipped your toes into the water yet?

Dulux Him + Her Tren - Mysterious Teal and Soft Cinnebar

Dulux Mysterious Teal and Soft Cinnebar

At home I am flirting with the trend. Dark inky hues on one or two walls, juxtaposed with a lighter, brighter, liveable shade on the rest. Like a crisp white shirt collar against a dark wool suit. It’s a classic look that will outlive fickle fashion I hope and makes it easier to accessorise for the seasons. Some may call it a cop out but it works for me. It’s hard to make a room feel summery when its main characteristic is of a dark cave-like atmosphere. And likewise, it’s hard to make a room feel warm and cosy when stark white walls are glaring at you. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Dulux Him + Her trend - Vintage Smoke

Dulux Vintage Smoke

Keeping the floor white is another way to work the trend without consigning yourself to a life living in the shadows. That and lot’s of metallic accessories, mirrors and glass. Anything that will bounce any available light around is good.

Dulux Him + Her Tren - Mysterious Teal

Dulux Mysterious Teal and Soft Cinnebar

And as dark colours can sometimes suck the warmth out of a room if you are not careful, lots of wood tones will help to put that warmth back. As will lots of light textures such as creamy sheepskins, pale linens and floaty sheers.

Dulux Him + Her Tren - Beauty Cream

Dulux Beauty Cream

But if it’s really not for you, and you can’t stomach one more grey let alone 50, I love this new neutral called Beauty Cream. One for the country cottage I think.


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    Kris Billings

    June 16, 2015

    Love the idea of accenting just one or two walls in a room with a rich, dark color!


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