Dressing Table Goals – Because You’re Worth It

Let me ask you something. Do you have a dressing table? Or at least somewhere in the bedroom or bathroom where you can sit and get ready for the day? I didn’t have one until recently I have to admit. But now I’m definitely a convert. I used to think it was a rather old-fashioned concept and what’s wrong with doing make-up in the bathroom mirror anyway? Kind of thing. But I was WRONG! And I’m going to tell you why.

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A Few Minutes of Me Time

Dressing table goals - art deco and velvet

Julien Macdonald Dressing Table from Debenhams

Well, actually some of us need more than a few minutes! But even if you do have a rushed morning routine there’s a lot to be said for having a bit of a breather to gather your thoughts while doing something just for you. We all know that us girls put make-up on for ourselves. We style our hair for ourselves too. And woe betide any child, husband or dog, who interrupts this necessary morning routine. It’s our time. That’s why we need a dressing table. Because it’s our space. A space that other members of the family should respect and avoid.

A Space of One’s Own

Dressing table goals - minimalist and contemporary

Porada Maskara Dressing Table from Go Modern Furniture

And that includes respecting what goes in that space. In a shared bedroom, the dressing table is the piece of furniture that is strictly a girly enclave. It can be as feminine or as minimalist as you like. But it’s your choice. I prefer the middle road. That means most things should be put away but easily accessible, and with a few pretty items on the top. Choosing a dressing table with drawers is a good idea. That way you can keep your most used items exactly where you want them, even if you don’t necessarily want them out on show.

Keeping Shit Together

Dressing table goals - mirrored furniture and pink

Fitzgerald Dressing Table from Dunelm

And that’s exactly the point of having a dressing table. Everything you need is at hand exactly where you need it. That means hairdryer, brushes, make-up, perfume, jewellery, even nail varnish and a clothes brush. All the things that you use on a daily-ish basis to set you up for the day and keep you looking groomed and together. No more hunting things down in the bathroom, or on the other side of the room. Sit and relax. Mornings are stressful enough.

Looks So Pretty

Dressing Table Goals - fun and playful

Sorbet Geometric Dressing Table, Oak Furnitureland

Of course it does. A dressing table is meant to look pretty. Show your personality with things that have special meaning. Trays are great for corralling stuff together and keeping thinks looking neat. Pretty pots can hold make-up brushes. Add a picture of the kids. Display your prettiest perfume bottles. And treat yourself to a small vase of flowers. Even the practical items can be chosen for their decorative value. A mirror is a necessity but make it a stunning one. You need a stool or chair to sit on, but why not make it one with a sheepskin top? Select a lamp with a gorgeous shade. It’s your space. Make it yours.

The Practicalities

Dressing table goals - traditional with hidden storage

Stiletto Toughened Mirror Dressing Table from MY Furniture

So, hopefully now I’ve sold you on the idea of a dressing table. However, there are a few practicalities to consider before you re-arrange the bedroom and rush out and buy one.

  • Position is important. There’s a reason why our grans had the dressing table in front of the window. You need as much daylight as you can get. Flawless make-up cannot be achieved in the dark. Mine is under a rooflight window and I can’t tell you how helpful that is. You can add a lamp but it won’t be much use as it will throw shadows on your face. The only light that will be useful will be the type with bulbs all around the mirror, as in the hollywood movies. Now that’s not a bad idea.

Dressing table goals - hollywood type mirror

Beautify Tri Fold LED Mirror from Domu Brands

  • You will need storage. As I said above, choose a dressing table with drawers. Some even have built in makeup dividers. If the dressing table doesn’t have enough storage, throw away some makeup. How much do you need? Seriously.
  • You will need power. For the hairdryer and straighteners of course.

Dressing table goals - hidden storage

Ada Dressing Table from Made.com

  • Choose a seat that is comfortable. Stools look pretty – and you can tuck them away when not in use – but personally I prefer a chair with a back.
  • Keep it tidy. It won’t be practical, efficient or pretty if you let the clutter build up.
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    April 5, 2018

    The first image featuring the yellow (velvet?) chair is stunning. It’s nearly perfect, but I can’t help but feeling like a plush white rug would work well for these pieces.

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      April 5, 2018

      Yes you’re probably right Sukhi 🙂


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