Design Tips for Children’s Bedrooms

Everyone needs a space of one’s own, especially in a hectic family home. And children are no exception. They also need a private space away from the hustle and bustle to be creative, be imaginative and just be quiet once in a while. So, when it’s time to redecorate your child’s room, why not consider these decorating tips to help create a comfortable and practical personal space?

Plan the space.


Children need sufficient place to play, sleep and study. If your child’s room is short on floor space, make the most of it with clever furniture and storage solutions. Bunk or cabin beds are ideal as they often include modular storage options, a desk, or extra beds for sleepovers.


Stackable storage is a god-send. Keep toys tidy and add a bold splash of colour with boxes and baskets and even colourful fabric carrier bags which are attractive, versatile and relatively inexpensive. Inventive storage also encourages the little ones to clear up after themselves which is also a bonus.

Design Ideas that go the distance.


Although it’s unrealistic to hope that a toddler’s room will also suit a teenager, its well worth choosing a classic design that won’t need updating regularly. Choose classic pieces of furniture that have timeless appeal. Character furniture may be charming during the toddler years but it will need replacing very quickly.


Similarly, neutral paint colours and flooring will allow you to change the decorating scheme just by changing the bedding and cushions without the expense and hassle of re-decorating every time. There are lots of easy craft ideas for kids to encourage their input into the design and decorating process so let them have an input and have a room that reflects their tastes and interests.


But remember to have fun with it too. What better excuse to indulge some of our own childhood fantasies too?

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