Decorative Decorex

Last week disappeared in a whirlwind of preparation for a last-minute photoshoot, the London Design Festival, Blogtour LDN, a Blogtour NYC reunion and that other stuff called real work.  And as always happens, I didn’t get to do half the things I really wanted to, let alone blog about them!

Vivienne Westwood

I have to mention Decorex International though, because for me it has become a little treat at the end of London Design Festival.  It’s like sinking into the bath after a long hectic day.  It feels more hushed somehow, more sedate and certainly more plush than many of the other events.  In reality it might be just as noisy, but as deep pile carpet deadens the constant chatter I often find myself lost in my own little world of glamour and indulgence.

Venetia Studium, English Home, Spina, We Are Front

I am drawn, magpie like to anything with a bit of glitter, a hint of sequins or a patina of gold.  The theatrical entrance, the opulence of the stands and the chink of champagne glasses tells me this is where I truly belong.  If only for a few hours.

Christopher Guy

And then, after I have traipsed back across London with very tired feet and sunk into a real hot bath, I can look back and think, yes, Decorex has done it again!

Branch (can’t find the url for this one, can anyone help me out?), Ecco Trading, Graham and Green, De La Cuona

September 27, 2012



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    Mary Graham

    September 26, 2012

    What did you think of the Andrew Martin stand?!? It was insane wasn’t it? Not really sure it was the best way to show off their fabrics!

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      September 26, 2012

      Yes! I always look forward to the Andrew Martin stand but it was soooo disappointing. x