Decorative Bird Lamps by Temple and Ivy

This is the very first collection from new lighting company Temple and Ivy and I love it. Successfully combining traditional sculpture with modern materials and the rich textures and flamboyance of the natural world, their range of bird leg lamp bases almost bring the creatures to life. Each set of legs is so detailed and life-like I think if I owned one I’d have to give it a name.


Viren lamp with flamingo legs in bronze and pink feather shade

Founders and business partners, Nicky Boulton and Susan Neville, spent several months in Kenya and Zimbabwe photographing and tracking birds to launch this collection. Then, working with sculptor Neil R Mason, a winner of several wildlife sculpture awards, they have ensured that the legs are as realistic as possible. Using Neil’s talent for capturing the movement of a bird and the foundry’s expertise interpreting it, the legs have the appearance of a bird freely walking, not grounded by a base. Birds’ feet are, after all, perfectly balanced for their environment.

Temple_&_Ivy_Shangra- Flamingo_lamp_Pewter_finish_£1,800_with_round_silk_striped_shade_£360

Shangra lamp with flamingo legs in pewter finish and round silk striped shade

Nicky & Susan were not only inspired by the birds they discovered on their African travels but also by historical design. They were drawn in particular to the Georgians, who used feet on all kinds of household furniture and to the Surrealists, who explored the use of legs and feet on tables and chairs.


Strutio lamp with ostrich legs in bronze finish and bamboo shade

No lamp is complete without a fabulous shade and attention to detail has ensured a comprehensive and stunning range to complement the legs and finishes. Many of the shades are exquisitely feathered, others are a Patina Copper and some feature Maasai beads. The pair are working with a Maasai co-operative in Africa who create all the beaded designs exclusively for them.


Shella lamp with African Jacana legs and partridge feather shade

Shades can be made in the customers own fabric.


July 29, 2015



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    July 11, 2016

    What are the price of these??

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    Anna Design

    August 5, 2015

    hahaha, looks so funny! Butin the same time, different for other products!

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    August 5, 2015

    Great idea.Lamps are like birds.


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