Dark Wonderland……….

A new location has been added to the 1st Option website and I couldn’t wait to share.

Appropriately titled ‘Wonderland’, it’s a stunning combination of gold and black with pops of red and pink.  Even the ceilings have been given a coat of black paint which just helps to make the chandeliers sparkle even more.  I think it’s the metallic finishes that prevent this scheme from being too sombre and isn’t that bathroom to die for?

I just love the darkness and playfulness and of course the beautiful black and white photographs.  It’s the perfect backdrop for romance and seduction.  

 Isn’t it just stunning?

1st Option



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    Mary Middleton Design

    May 31, 2011

    coo going to have a proper mooch now Carole. Looks fabulous

  2. Reply


    May 30, 2011

    I like this [new?] layout, it’s very dynamic. And of course, the idea of watching those location sites is pretty inspired – you’ve got your groove on! I love the bedroom shot with the feather duster, delighted to see those things being put to proper use…x


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