The Curiosity Cupboard by deVOL

The Curiosity Cupboard by deVOL - black with glazed doors

I’ve talked about my love of black glass-fronted cabinets before, so when I saw this new Curiosity Cupboard by deVOL I couldn’t wait to share. And I mean literally. My lovely friends at one of my favourite kitchen cabinet makers, only emailed the images over to me yesterday afternoon. So this is hot off the press my lovelies.

The Curiosity Cupboard by deVOL - black with glazed doors

It has been designed with the ‘old museum’ display cabinets in mind, and is a lovely freestanding glazed cupboard that might not typically be a Shaker design, but works perfectly with the deVOL Real Shaker kitchen cupboards. Akin to the introduction of a vintage piece at the end of a project.

And it’s so simple and functional! As a standalone piece it would look beautiful in any room. In fact, as it’s available in a number of standard sizes and colour-ways, why not have one in the study filled with books and knick-knacks too. And one in the bathroom filled with towels and toilettries. And one in the bedroom filled with handbags and shoes. Just the sparkly ones. The list is absolutely endless.

Prices start from £1,800.


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    Jo Bilot

    February 5, 2017

    Wow, what a stunning piece !


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