Copa, Copa Cabana

Did the sunshine at the weekend inspire you to venture into the garden? It won’t be long now until we’re spending more time outdoors and I spotted this at the weekend and was immediately smitten.


The Cabana is a cosy indoor space for your back garden. More intimate than a gazebo, this interesting hideaway would be perfect for small gatherings and candlelit dinners. The open circular step-over entrances and domed roof almost evoke images of ancient Aztec architecture and the open weave, throws lots of interesting shadows around. The two beds and side-table that are included in the price would be perfect for relaxing with a cool drink and a book, the cool summer air breezing through the three circular archways.


The fourth wall is solid and offers a shelf to house your summer reading. And when the afternoon sun begins to creep in, just draw the curtains across the entrances and bask in the oasis of cooling shade.The beds and table are removable, handy for when you want to pop out for a tanning session. And although not included, there is room inside for a table and four chairs for cosy dinners.


Not cheap, (in fact you  might do a double take at the price!) but it is guaranteed for 10 years.

The Alexander Rose Cabana is available from White Stores, £5,355.