Control the Clutter Stylishly

I’m always on the lookout for little boxes and trays. It’s a great way to create some order out of all of the little bits and bobs that often threaten to overtake every surface in the house. I am a habitual tidier but there are some things that you just don’t want to hide away. You want them on show to remind you of that fantastic holiday, to have to hand the things you use everyday, and sometimes just to prompt you to put on some perfume. Out of sight, out of mind is not always a good thing!


White Set of 4 Lacquer Trays, £45.

Trays that stack inside one another are great for makeup and jewellery in the bedroom. And handy in the office too. No more scrabbling round in the desk drawer looking for a paperclip or a pencil with a sharp point. And for me, I really do need to have a tidy desk before I can start work.


Navajo Baskets. Small (H26 x W29cm) £35 Large (H37 x 42cm) £45.

Baskets are another favourite of mine. I have some in the bathroom on my open shelves to keep toiletries tidy but they can be used for anything from the knitting to the TV remotes. Don’t know about your house but we seem to have a growing collection of remote controls!


Clockwise from top left: Set of 3 Dark Brown Rectangular Baskets, £35. White Lacquer Trays, Rectangular Tray 46cm x 33cm; £25,  Square Tray 30cm x 30cm; £20. Set Of 3 Underbed Baskets, £35. Vintage Style Bistro Caddy, £30. 

There’s another advantage to having small things contained in boxes and on trays – it’s so much easier to clean when you can lift everything all at once. But to keep the clutter tidies looking stylish it’s best to keep to a limited amount of colours and materials. Baskets and wooden boxes always look good but I generally avoid the bright garish colours that are in the shops to tempt us and never, never buy plastic.

All of the above super stylish ideas are from Also Home.



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