Christmas Styling and Making the House Guest Ready

As if the run up to Christmas isn’t hectic enough, why do I always feel the need to do all the jobs around the house that I’ve been secretly mulling over. Is it just me, or does everyone have this compulsion? It’s not as if my guests are going to care if there’s new bedding in the guest bedroom. Or if we’ve painted the bathroom in time. Or even if the tablecloth and napkins match. But I just can’t help myself. As a quick fix I usually head into H&M. You can’t beat their prices for seasonal updates and they always have so much temptation that my basket is full in no time. On this occasion it was new black seat cushions for the dining table, new guest towels, a soap dispenser for the guest bathroom, a new cushion for the sofa and a basket for extra toilet rolls. None of which I went in there for.

It’s only a quick fix though. Like when you eat half a dozen maltezers when what you really wanted was a great big slab of chocolate gateaux. You know you’ll eat it in the end. And what I really wanted was wallpaper for the living room, black paint for the kitchen (actually only thought of that today but the idea is gently simmering) and a black glass fronted cabinet. So, because I know I can’t have it all this side of the holidays, I’m going to content myself with these gorgeous images. And they’re full of ideas for Christmas styling that we can all implement now without too much upheaval and to make our guests feel welcome.

Christmas Styling at H & M Home 2017 - bring the outside in with lots of greenery

Christmas Styling in the Living Room

This is the room that gets the most attention but don’t just stop at decorating the tree. I love the idea of bunches of greenery everywhere. With or without twinkling fairylights. Extra chairs can be brought in from other rooms to cope with the overflow and small tables are handy for placing drinks and snacks. And once you’ve made sure the sofa is as comfy as possible, sit back and light the candles.

Christmas Styling at H & M Home 2017 - coordinate your table settings

Christmas Styling in the Dining Room

The dining table is also where we go to town at home. It’s in the kitchen but it can still be made to look very festive with even more greenery, candles and fairy lights. No one has enough chairs to cope with extra family members at this time of the year so enlisting a stool, or bench is perfectly okay, as long as it’s made comfy with a cushion. Cake stands make perfect tablecentres. They are not so high that you can’t see the person opposite and you can fill them with edible treats.

Christmas Styling at H & M Home 2017 - even the bathroom should be guest ready

Christmas Styling in the Bathroom

Guests will be using the bathroom at some time during the day so make sure it’s as cosy and welcoming as the rest of the house. Warm towels and nice smelling toiletries are always appreciated. As well as a basket for extra paper – see I knew that basket was an essential buy. And I have a confession to make. Last year I draped faux ivy round the mirror. And it’s still there! It’s so pretty I can’t seem to bring myself to take it down.

Christmas Styling at H & M Home 2017 - don't forget to scent your home

Christmas Scents

Also an essential in our house. I’m not fan of spicy scents, but flowery and fruity candles I can burn all day long. Please be careful of candles though. For the hall or bathroom I usually place a diffuser as it can be left safely. The best thing a guest can say about my house is that it smelled divine.

All images are from H&M


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